Crystal Bed Therapy-Powerful Crystal Healing

Full Blown Energy Make-Over’s! Helps with; Mental clarity. Healthier eating patterns, Balanced hormones, Sense of being alive, Stress relief, Release of anxiety/depression/mental afflictions, Sound sleep, Cellular restructuring of water molecules in the body, Elevated energy levels, Spiritual transformation, increased intuition. 

Palm Reading $40
A general basic reading telling about yourself, what your abilities are and immediate future.

Full Life Psychic Reading $90 
Past, Present and three to five years into your future depending on the individual.

Meditation and Regression price upon request. 
Looking into past and past lives to reveal obstacles and remove them.

FaceTime Readings and Phone Readings $90 

Candle Karma
A candle especially created for you and your unique needs. Made with crystal, charms and special aromas. 
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US & Canada Call: 201.953.0658 / 267-639-3659
"How To Make It Work" by Psychic Christine Wallace has created a step by step guide through difficult relationships. You will learn the signs of when to move forward and when to let go also find out how your perceived by your significant other . ​