Wednsday night Livestream !

Don't forget to join my on instagram @psychicreadingexpert every Wednsday night at 9 pm est for Q&A get your questions ready for this once a week special where you have an oppertunity either through livestream or via phone to get answers to your most pressing question and get advice and just about anything ! I really enjoy doing livestream night it give all of you a chance to have a little sample of what having a full reading is like .Dont forget getting answers via livestream is not exactly the same as having a reading like I mentioned is a little taste of what the expierence is like ,with a full reading you will learn the who ,what ,when , where and why and have more information as to wher

Psychic/Fair Fundraiser coming soon!

Hello Everyone I just wanted to tell you all about my psychic fair fundraiser for Chop coming up on Feb/11/12 and what it entails . The event will be starting on noon for both days and ending at 9 pm . There will be a $10 admission to join and this will include a wine ,cheese and fruit buffet first 50 guest will be getting a free gift bag . While your sipping on your wine you can browse /and number of psychics , mediums and vendors that have a wide range of different services at different prices to choose from you can choose one service or many . There's also my chakra balancing services available to you and while you lying under the quartz crystal powered light you'll be listening to a gui

It's not just one thing

Lots of ppl that I work with initially think or feel that there's just one thing they need to do to make it all better and my answer to this is mostly no because mostly that's not the case . I always advice and sometimes simply remind ppl that you need to be in a really good place to be in a happy relationship . ppl are drawn to ppl that are generally happy with their lives outside of a relationship ,feeling strong and confident and all that good stuff that we all want to feel or be more like but of course that all leads us to the question of how ? how can we be that if that's not what we're feeling like right now . There are many fronts to your life its not all about love , being in love an

Psychic fair fundraiser coming soon !

I am sooo excited about my psychic fair /fundraiser for children's hospital of Philadelphia what a great cause for us all to come together and help ! When I contacted the hospital they asked me if there was a specific department I wanted to donate 50% to or if I just wanted to donate to whatever department needs it the most . I said wherever you need it the most . I'm feeling really good about this event and getting ready to send out another batch of coupons on February 1st to the more recent subscribers to my newsletter so go ahead and subscribe by texting psychic10 to number 22828 to get your deals . it's a $10 admission that includes and wine and cheese buffet , of psychic services to cho

stealing time for me .

Are you putting me time off ? this is another way of loving yourself . Making a little time for yourself is not only good to do is also a process of self discovery . I sometimes as my clients a loaded question what do you like to do ? or what makes you happy that does not depend on anyone else ? just something that you can do for yourself and most the time I see a stunned expression . Now some things can be a bit pricey and that's ok but than there are some not so pricey and most are even free like taking a stroll through nature , a hot bath with your favorite aroma therapy bath bomb , reading a good book or a beauty treatment and my list can go on . One of the things for me is something as

Loving yourself is it a must ?

loving yourself might be one of the most important things you should do . Treat yourself as if you were your own mother is one way to do that . I explained in my last post on the subject as to why it is so important and I can come up with even more but let your own imagination run wild with the number of reason because in this post I want to talk about how to love yourself .One of the best ways to love yourself is to forgive yourself . You would forgive someone your love if they made a mistake or chose poorly , you would have no reservations about forgiving your own child right ? well like I said above I'd like you to take care of yourself and to forgive yourself as if you were your own chi

How can I love myself ?

Lots of ppl talk about loving yourself and we get a general idea of what this means but don't exactly know how or why so I'm going to be blogging about why it's important to do this , how to do it and what difference this will make in your life but remember this , you need to trust the process . As ppl we have a tendency of putting everything and everyone ahead of ourselves and in our work life,family life or romantic life we want to be our best selves and if we're not taking care of our own needs and making ourselves more of a priority how can we do a good job in anything else ? . your mind , body and soul belong to you these are important possessions that you own much more important than a

Breaking up is hard to do

Good evening everyone , as most of you might have guessed most of the people that come in to see me want relationship advice right ? some of the relationships are actually worth keeping but most bad relationships I've discovered the person trying the hardest to keep it together is not actually happy with the relationship but instead in love with the idea of being in one instead of the actual person . As humans we tend to daydream of our future plans and imagine what life will be like (example ) the pic of the white picket fence and whatever else this picture of our future selves might look like which btw is perfectly normal most of us as humans do this but that doesn't mean that its right to

Working into the wee hours

I know that many Of you that use aroma therapy know that it does in fact work ! So as they say don't knock it till you try it lol so I worked last night until 2 am just to get some of these Goats milk soaps and bath salts and crystal candles ready for my upcoming psychic fair . I make these by hand to suit your needs they are infused with essential oils and good vibes and best wishes from me to you . I I've gotten together so far my citrus orange crush to crush any bad or heavy energies that may be causing you to drag your feet , if your needing a little pep in your step I suggest my citrus bath salts . I've also creating living the dream this one is to help you calm down and relax any nervo

Knowledge is power

There are lots of us who make assumptions of what may or may not be in the minds of our significant other sometimes we even act on those assumptions only to find it blowing up in our faces . It's important to express our own thoughts and feelings to simply make the other person feel comfortable enough to express their own . Most of us know by now that its not good to assume things about someone else but none the less we do it anyway because the other persons actions seem to be all over the place sometimes and forces us to try and guess what that means exactly Example : are you lying ,cheating , or have your feelings changed and the list can go on and on . Sometimes we even resort to thinking

what is a soulmate ?

I'm so excited about this my new website and blog ! and be of better service to you. Well , this question actually has multiple answers and I'll explain . A soulmate is someone that you've had a past life with together , someone that you feel really connected too as if you've always known them . Many believe that being with a soulmate is easy and that you are destined to be with one another no matter what, in some cases this could be very true but the answer is not the same for everyone , sometimes because of unresolved karma you can both be very much in love with one another but not get along at all ,it may be one of the most difficult relationships you've ever had depending on what happe


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