Psychic on taking responsibility for your situation

Yes it's very true that ppl can rain on our parade , set us up for failure either knowingly or unknowingly and we start to fall into a pattern of blaming others for our situations but to me self examination is a very big deal we need to sit and think of what role we play in out troubles and in some cases our own demise either by things we did or by things we've allowed ppl to do to us this leads to the serious question why ? why do we do what we do or allow ppl to do what they do to us when it isn't good for us , do we have a fear of responsibilty so much so that we place our lives ,our God given gift in the hands of another person . Theres a quote that I run into every now and then that say

Psychic and relationships on different planes

First I would like to say thank you all so much for reading my post and all the lovely reviews on google . Some of the people that come in to see me for a psychic reading are as you might guess going through a difficult time in a relationship and wanting to know #1 is this my soulmate #2 will we be together in the future #3 whats wrong here ? #4 can this be fixed #5 how can I fix this ? One of the problems I see on some ocassions is that there are two people that love each other very much but are on different planes of understanding and struggle seeing eye to eye and this could be happening for a number of reasons . #1 you can be an old soul and are overall more mature than your partner and

Psychic Philadelphia on keeping it together

Bad energies sometimes come in chunks of time 3 yrs , 4 yrs, 8 yrs ,9 yrs ,12 yrs and sometimes a lifetime depending on how it got in into ones life in the first place . As I've written and talked about in this blog and on my podcast there are many points of entry but lets not just look at the ones I mentioned previously lets talk about the upside of bad sometimes you just never know what your bad luck had saved you from , sounds funny but true , for example God ,the Universe ,Angels or whatever super natural forces you want to believe in want us to be our best selves and sadly we as human beings don't learn much during the good times but in bad or hard times we mold and shape ourselves to a

Psychic Philadelphia when to seek spiritual help

Throughout history it was not only completely accepted but highly encouraged to seek out spiritual help , as we've read in some bible scriptures ,ancient Egypt and royal families from countries all over the world it was not uncommon for those in need to summon sourcerers and sooth sayers for guidance in matters of the heart and political or world affairs . over time we've come to know that there are many logical explinations for human suffering but as with many things such as old home remedies and what not many are coming again to see that there are situations that arise in life that simply cannot be reasoned away . So many of us these days have come to a place enlightenment and have no choi

Psychic philadelphia on are you psychic too ?

I had been fortunate in growing up in an envirement that having the ability to see into the future was common place in my home and not until I had reached my late teens did I begin to understand that this ability was not so common for everyone and that it was considered a gift that only a select few shared . As a child my ablity had become most apparent in my dreams ,this was not something that had happened every night of course but theres a level of sleep which is called a psychic sleep somewhere between being awake and actually sleeping, during these times a number of things can happen #1 the spirits of relitives make their presence known to us and sometimes will communicate a warning or a

Psychic happiness !

I am so happy for all of the wonderful reviews I've been getting on google and my book, Omg ! I appreciate you all so very much that you've taken out the time to do this . I'm going to start working on a volume II of my book I will keep all of you updated . Feel free to call in and book an appointment and see what the stars have in store for you ! Readings are available in person ,skype,facetime and email #pastlifekarma #pastliferegression #pastlifereading #isitreallyover #reunitetheseperated #isitover #relationshipadvice #books #relationshiphelp #lifeadvice #help #psychicreader #freepsychicreading #breakups #loveadvisor #badkarma #badluck #onedozenroses #howtomakeitworkbyChristinewallaceon

Psychic past life regression seminar coming soon !

Be sure to keep checking in on the whats new portion of my blog to find out about upcoming events like my past life regression seminar coming up this spring ! . Maria from sacredroseherbsandroots will be discussing past lives and doing past life readings ,we are currently working on dates and times so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter by texting psychic10 to 22828 and follow the prompts to get notifications . on the day of all readings and services will be available. #isitreallyover #reunitetheseperated #isitover #relationshipadvice #books #relationshiphelp #lifeadvice #help #psychicreader #freepsychicreading #breakups #loveadvisor #badkarma #badluck #onedozenroses #howtomakeitworkbyChri


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