Are you psychic ?

Have you ever had a powerful feeling that something was going to happen and it did ? Had a dream so vivid and in that dream there was a warning of what was to come or a possitive thing that was about to happen ? . There are many portals that the universe uses to speak to us in dreams , feelings and visions just to name a few . All of us are spirits first, trying to be human and being psychic is at the center of who we are spiritually . The difference between us who are more psychic than others is our belief in it and do we exercise it . (Example) I use my psychic ability all day long I see dreams ,visions and pick up on energy over the years of using it just like a muscle it becomes stronger

What happened ?

My apologies for not posting or being on livestream Wednsday for a few weeks . Right before Easter I became very ill running a tempature of 103 to 104 I rushed to the ER and found I had three different infections going on at the same time and was rushed into ICU for five days , right after that I ended up with a blood clot in my right lung which of course is very dangerous in any case I just want all of you to know that day by day I am getting my energy back and soon will be posting on my blog , podcast and social media very soon . Once again I'd like to apologize for this inconvienence and would also like o take this oppertunity to thank you all so much for your prayers and concern for my h


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