Stop the negative self talk and calm the mind

Thank you so much for following my blog this post is about the voice in our minds . Have you paid close attention to how you talk to yourself in your head ? is this voice giving you instructions on how to reach your goals and encouraging you ? or is this little voice telling you things like your not good enough and every single thing you do is wrong? ok if the voice sounds more like an enemy rather than your best friend you do have the power to change the the dialog I mean it is your mind is it not ? when your very young your parents tell how the world works and the kind of person you need to be to function in it and even though they have the best of intentions the words seem to suggest that

Psychic sleep ,do dreams really come true ?

Yes, and yes Dreams really come true in real life I've seen in happen time and time again and I'm sure that you have as well but the kind of dreams I'm talking about here are the preminitions that happen during your sleep . As I've mention before all of us have psychic ability some more so than others , we also have spirits and angels watching over us but because we have busy lives and are consumed with earthly matters we tend to shut out the other realms and the only time they can reach us in some cases is during our sleep it feels like a half sleep and many call it a psychic sleep, sometimes the dream can be exact and in most cases they are symbolic as to what to come (example) if your ea

Psychic services,free and specials

Theres always a lot going on here ! so make sure to check in regularly here are some of my services available to you now and a sneak peak as to whats coming soon. Services available now ! Yay ! First time reading only $10 . If you've never had a reading done before,want to test the waters before you jump in or have only two questions you need answerd than this is the reading for you . First time clients only . 1. The palm reading is a general basic reading that will tell you about yourself, what your abilities are and about two years into the future. This is a good reading that focuses on your life if your looking for some self examinations and to let you know if your on the right track in m

Can I protect myself ?

Of course you can . There are things that people can do to protect themselves from being a bad energy magnet but first I'll explain how bad energy works . Bad energy #1 does exsist and if we do not believe in the power of good or bad energies this is how we can get vulnerable and live a lifestyle that leaves cracks for this sort of thing to enter our lives . As I always mention in almost all my blog post and podcast a spiritual practice of whatever is better than none at all as long as its good in nature . #2 A dissorganized home is a magnet things can get so out of hand that when you look around it can make you feel overwhelmed to even address it and you can start not to care . Not caring i

Can a psychic really help in bringing a relationship back together ?

A psychic can surely help to keep a relationship together and in many cases a psychic can be able to help in reuniting the seperated but do keep in mind that every situation is unique and every psychic has his or her own set of abilities, strenghts and limitations. The situation is defined by a number of things (example) 1. How long have you been seperated ? 2. Is there still some communication ? 3.Is this person in-fact a soulmate ? The above are just to name a few and of course there are other factors as well . In many cases in my experience in helping people with troubled realationships or break ups there are people (meaning) outside the relationship for lack of a better word (the peanut

Crystal Healing

The Natural Healing Abilities of Earth’s Oldest Resources: Crystals For thousands of centuries, metaphysicians and healers have used physical crystals to alter the flow of energy in the physical world, witnessing tangible results from something so delicate and fragile. Crystals have been written about since ancient Egypt, carrying an ability to alter personal magnetic compasses and well-being. These ancient societies uncovered something we are just now embracing today: crystals have the power to physically transmit energy. Why should you consider the natural healing benefits of a crystal bath? Alignment: Through magnetic fields, crystals are able to realign your natural alignment, opening ch

Whats having a palm reading all about ?

Palm Reading: Why You Should Consider One of Mankind’s Earliest Psychic Services Can the lines on my hand actually predict my future? It’s a question thousands of people ask themselves when they ponder palm reading. For thousands of years, palm readings have been administered to predict the future. These readers know that truth lies within something as simplistically profound as the human hand, formed during gestation as a “fossilized record” of early development. Simply stated: your hand contains a record of what you are to do, experience, and become in your lifetime, if only you visit the right palm reader to uncover the truths. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that the ratio of index

losing your identity

As a psychic I see many people with problems especially people who have bad energy in they're lives and wish for it to be gone but after running every logical gamit of doing whatever they can to try to solve it eventually come to the idea that there could be something spiritually off , whether that be going through the same pattern over and over , a series of bad events or even logically unexplainable happinings but whatever the case the thing that concerns me is that many blame themselves thinking they have done something to bring this upon themselves and sometimes the bad energy can start to feel like it has become the persons identity and the one who is suffering with this sort of thing f


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