stealing time for me .

Are you putting me time off ? this is another way of loving yourself . Making a little time for yourself is not only good to do is also a process of self discovery . I sometimes as my clients a loaded question what do you like to do ? or what makes you happy that does not depend on anyone else ? just something that you can do for yourself and most the time I see a stunned expression . Now some things can be a bit pricey and that's ok but than there are some not so pricey and most are even free like taking a stroll through nature , a hot bath with your favorite aroma therapy bath bomb , reading a good book or a beauty treatment and my list can go on . One of the things for me is something as simple as having fresh flowers in my bedroom and living room now how easy is that ? so remember take care of number one and everything else just seems to fall into place the universe wants you to love yourself and take care of yourself it's good to be one with the universe . Believe and recieve

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