Working into the wee hours

I know that many Of you that use aroma therapy know that it does in fact work ! So as they say don't knock it till you try it lol so I worked last night until 2 am just to get some of these Goats milk soaps and bath salts and crystal candles ready for my upcoming psychic fair . I make these by hand to suit your needs they are infused with essential oils and good vibes and best wishes from me to you . I

I've gotten together so far my citrus orange crush to crush any bad or heavy energies that may be causing you to drag your feet , if your needing a little pep in your step I suggest my citrus bath salts . I've also creating living the dream this one is to help you calm down and relax any nervous energy infused with lavender oils .

I promised myself a rose garden this bath salts is of course is infused with rose oil and bits of dried roses promoting love and desire .

I've also created especially for you my new line of goats milk soap bar bars which of course is good for your skin and has many benefits but my soap repels bad vibes this is infused with pistachio oils and promotes an over all better mood .

I of course have also been working on my crystal karma cleanse candles too this new batch is infused with sweet sugar similar to a cotton candy fragrance these lavender colored candles have crystal chips throughout promoting well being ,centered and aligned and in overall good spirits .

Now some of you may be wondering why I am up till 2 or 3 am doing this ? well after all walk ins , phone readings and consultations that's the best time for me .

Look to my events page to find out more about my psychic fair fundraiser for Chop . Hope to you here at 810 chestnut street , Philadelphia , pa 19107

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