How can I love myself ?

Lots of ppl talk about loving yourself and we get a general idea of what this means but don't exactly know how or why so I'm going to be blogging about why it's important to do this , how to do it and what difference this will make in your life but remember this , you need to trust the process . As ppl we have a tendency of putting everything and everyone ahead of ourselves and in our work life,family life or romantic life we want to be our best selves and if we're not taking care of our own needs and making ourselves more of a priority how can we do a good job in anything else ? . your mind , body and soul belong to you these are important possessions that you own much more important than any material things you may have . If everything you care about depended on your car how well would you take care of it ? . The universe has giving you such wonderful gifts I can't even count them all but I'll mention a few A body , So you should keep it in good shape by eating right and exercise . A mind , this is a very important possession that you own so feed in and nurture it with knowledge and all the best thought's , your the owner of your mind your mind does not own you make sure your always directing it and telling it to support you with a plan of actions to reach your target goals , advice your mind to how it's good to forgive others and yourself and not hold on to bad memory's or anything that doesn't that no longer serves you . Your soul is another wonderful possession ,keep it healthy by practicing anything you spiritually believe in whether be religion , prayers ,burning candles or doing yoga . Protect your soul keep it good and clean of all bad energies by feeding it with love . many of us get so caught up in worldly affair and forget that we are in fact believers of the supernatural and something that exist beyond ourselves and what we cannot see with our human eyes so make sure your connected to your spiritual side . I'll be posting daily and walking you through the steps once we can achieve this way of life for ourselves automatically it radiates a positive impact on our lives and the lives of those we love . How awesome is that ?

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