It's not just one thing

Lots of ppl that I work with initially think or feel that there's just one thing they need to do to make it all better and my answer to this is mostly no because mostly that's not the case . I always advice and sometimes simply remind ppl that you need to be in a really good place to be in a happy relationship . ppl are drawn to ppl that are generally happy with their lives outside of a relationship ,feeling strong and confident and all that good stuff that we all want to feel or be more like but of course that all leads us to the question of how ? how can we be that if that's not what we're feeling like right now . There are many fronts to your life its not all about love , being in love and finding the soulmate . There's you , loving you , taking good care of your mind body and spirit . There's your career and being fulfilled there as well .

when dating it's not all about proving or showing that your the perfect one for them to be with for the rest of their lives your feeling about the person and deciding that this certain someone is actually good for you too ' . Are you finding that you create lots of excuses for your partner when they say or do things that you don't like ? because your afraid to mention it because it make be the straw that breaks the camels back ? well thats not a good sign and this symbolizes that there is something wrong . it could be a number of possibility's for situations like this its good to have a reading to get things right and understand what exactly is going on here and get some direction . I wrote about a number of scenarios that could be the cause in my book how to make it work on amazon you can purchase it here on my website or go straight to amazon how to make it work by Christine Wallace . Sometimes it's a matter of some adjustments you need to make they need to make and in some cases both but remember it's important to be the kind that brings out the best in others by being your best self .

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