To love someone is to be happy together .

I guess the title of this post pretty much speaks for itself ,lots of us talk about the hard times we go through in relationships ,the good times and the bad ,the break up and the reuniting it's a roller coaster right ? now most of the trouble usually happens when two ppl are not in the same place and lots of relationships need a break from one another to just allow themselves to feel ,to realize what they want and don't want . Sometimes one person just wants to play things by ear while the other wants some reasurnce that their not wasting their time and that's just one of the scenarios as to why relationships take breaks and get back together later ,but in my opinion playing it by ear is not the worst thing in some cases it's the better thing because niether person feels pressure . we become so fixated on giving a title to a relationship that we end up losing the main point and that is are we happy when we're together and less happy when we are apart ? now intially the seperation can feel painful because your so used to being together but in a little bit you'll have the time you need to address the main thing and that is are we happy together in good times and bad and everything in between .Tomorrow i'd like to post how important honesty is in a relationship and why ppl can be so dihonest sometimes . Thank you for reading

Sincerely ,

Christine .

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