Do bad things happen to good people ?

If we are good and decent ppl and doing all of the right things why would we have bad fortune ? is'nt that the point ? being good should protect us from trouble no ? . Have you ever noticed the gargoyles outside of churches one of the most famous Notre Dame in Paris have them also . Because this is a holy place it is obvious that the sacred churches would be a main target for demons and the devil they are meant to scare the demons away them seeming very evil themselves if not more so . In essence the church needs protection from evil and anywhere goodness dwells evil isn't too far behind . Why would demons bother with bad ppl clearly there would be no point because they are serving evils purpose while good people throughout history seem to face many trials ,tribulations and all sorts of suffering to be tempted to throw in the towel and submit , become bitter and join in on spreading darkness into the world . So yes it's always been the best people that have been targeted and theres an explaination for it and in many cases this can be very dissheartening for many going through this but always remember its important to stay steadfast in maintaining your faith in goodness and any spiritual beliefs you have. The book written by C.S Lewis titled the scewtape letters

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