Bad Energy . Did I do this ?

There are many ways a person can create their own bad energy and one great way to understand what your doing to yourself is by stepping outside of yourself and try to see yourself from a birds eye view . Self examination is always a good thing . Now there are many superstitions that make no sence at all but then there are many that have a logical root as for me I believe in most of them whether they make sense or not . #1 a disorganized home or office is a disorganized mind , life and spirit . Cleanliness is Godliness . Have a clean and organized home brings bright energy and puts you in a better spiritual state especially if it smells nice with aroma therapy candles or whatever you like ,if you have to hire someone to do it for you I definitly advise that you throw a little money on this problem it is well worth it . mess , clutter and neglect draws bad vibes and those bad vibes will creep up into your life and affect everything . Bad energy spreads itself like a germ and once caught not easy to shake off ! I also highly recommend house smudging ,this has been used forever to drive out bad energies ghost and demons . Also putting a but of salt in the corners of your home also a good idea . Salt is a protector and a boundary that bad spirits cannot cross . In so many cases where ppl a suffering with bad energies and the unknown a lot of times somone has done something completely innocent and nonetheless opened a portal to bad vibes .

#2 "Be wise as a serpent yet gentle as a dove" . Always be kind and have the best of intentions in whatever you do . Life will throw a series of dissapointments ,hurt and loss your way none of us are an exception ,this is a part of being a human being as Buddha says in life there is suffering and to get even more specific life itself is suffering and the root of our suffering is attachment and to know and understand that no matter how hard we try everything changes , people ,place and things and as a result of us humans getting attached to all of the above it is very likely that we soon will learn not to trust and of course this will make us bitter ,seem standoffish , closed off and non receptive and as a result of always expecting the worse , well whatta you know that's what we get ! Dont get disscouraged about putting your heart in all you do and when I say all you do thats exactly what I mean . When you do whatever you do with the purist of thoughts , intentions and actions the universe will work with you and support you . Initally you make feel like your losing or even failing and being this sort of person ends of feeling or being a door mat ,well trust me in the end you will be greatly rewarded because you are creating good karma for yourself . Theres no shortage of bitter and negative people in this world and yes don't we all have a story but to go through lifes events and come out of it still being a good ,genuine , giving and loving person is very unique and this would mean that you are not what happened to you , you are still you and your in charge of your life . Now as I Quoted from the Bible be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove . to me this means learn from your experiences don't fall into the same traps but nonetheless don't let whats happened make you not the loving , caring and gentle human being that you are .

#3 The one who believes in nothing .

You are not a human being with a soul , you are a soul thats living inside a human being .

Too human is a probelm and will bring you down !

2+2 =4 just because this is true and it is true , but there are also many other truths in the universe and most we know nothing about . being practical and logical is good of course no one can put it down but most of us at some point in life or even many times in life have had an experience without some kind of logical explination . We feed our are human monkey selves with lots of facts on the daily but when was the last time you fed your soul and your spirit?, When was the last time you practiced whatever it is you believe in?, and when was the last time that you ackknowlaged that theres something beyond ourselves and what we see ?. Not feeding your spirit and soul can leave us feeling empty , heavy and like we're carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders . Believe and recieve is a little thing I post often and say often to everyone at some point and I believe in this saying very much miracles do happen even to those that don't believe or even practice and in many cases this events will make believers out of them but prayers , meditations and being active in your spiritual beliefs go a very long way .

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