How to know when it's really over

#1 Arguing .

Relationships end for a number of reasons and to a lot of ppl arguing is a bad sign , well that depends on the type of arguments this is why it's always a good idea to have a reading done because you can get rid of the guess work . in many cases arguing is a good sign in my opinion because it means we're fighting for something we're making attempts to get things right , get the other person to see things from our point of view in an attempt to correct what we don't like about how to relationship is going , to me no arguing at all is a bad sign because your just going with the flow and waiting for the right moment to end things , it signifies you or your significant other is in their own head and has come to a place where they're feeling that arguing ,talking things out and getting the other person to understand where your coming from is a waste of energy it is hopeless .

and then there are those times when we need to sit back and think what the arguments are about exactly (example) a good argument would be different points of view on how we are going to go about the 5 year plan and a bad argument are the ones where we end up condemming , judging and or expressing how dissapointed we are in the other persons character . Basically comes down to now that I know who you are a I really don't like you and cannot see myself spending a life time or a significant period of time with something that I'm sure is going nowhere .

#2 Sex

Lots of ppl assume that sex slowing down or coming to a halt for a bit is a bad sign and the person has lost their desire for you .Well yet again that a yes and no . In some cases sex stops or slows down because something has changed yes this is true but the change does not have to mean it's a change in feelings for you it could be the mind being preocupied with something that requires more focus on the job or some family issue it could be a number of things and this sort of thing can go on for a month or so if it goes beyond that than I would say that yes theres something wrong with the relationship and most likely breaking up is on the horizon .

#3 . Making hard to stay together

If your significant other is making it hard on you , making the relationship feel like hard work and you can see that it's intentional rest assure this relationship has hit rock bottom , this is a non verbal way of saying it's over when they make it harder to stay together than to break up ,when you find yourself jumping hoops and the other person not so much as lifting a finger its time to start letting go .

Do keep in mind that these post are general and can apply to the masses but everyones situation is unique ,by have a reading done with me we can go over details and I can be able to give you the best advice through psychic ability and let you know if theres any hope in resolving these issues or it best to let it go and move on

#4 Trouble comes when life happens .

Most couples get along at the start and for good reason , this is because its smooth sailing , I mean who wont get along when things are ok ? but somewhere in the middle of a relationship life happens (example ) you've got to move , a loss of a job and meeting some family memebers on the other side that are not your cup of tea and thats just to name a few . Now this is the time that your relationship really gets put to the test because your now sailing on rough waters together for the first time and this is when you find out if in fact you can or cannot click with one another . If your relationship goes haywire everytime a life transitions happens this is a sign that its not good because you simply don't see eye to eye or share the same perspectives on how things should be handled . If a relationship can go through the when life happens faze and come out clean the other end this would definitly mean that instead of life situations driving you apart its actually made you both more bonded and stronger together.

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