Psychic talk . Are bad vibes contagious ?

Absolutly ! , bad energy travels faster than the flu .

Lots of us are not superstious or maybe just a little bit , and some of us feel that we are filled with such good spirit that nothing and no one can affect you , this kind of thinking yes will protect you but only up to a point , another persons bad energy can bit by bit weigh you down slowly and before you even realize it you've got yourself in a whirlwind of dark energy . Now you may at this point be thinking of a person or two who might be having this affect on you but aren't clear on how to know if this person falls into the category of someone who actually has bad energy so I have a list here for you that if this resignates than this actually may mean that someone close to you have bad vibes .

#1 Lazy people with nothing but lots of excuses as to why things are bad for them .

#2 People who are sad or depressed for a long period of time and refuse to get treatment or take advice to the point you sence that they've come to a place where they actually enjoy being miserable .

#3 For every solution they come up with a problem , for every optimistic idea they discourage you no matter what the topic ,in some cases this could mean this is a person who is jealous of you and fears your progress and can actually convince you they may be right on having a bleak view on everything .

#4 The one who zaps your energy by having you run around like a chicken without a head catering to them to the point you have no energy for your own life and make you feel guilty when your doing something for yourself or not there at their beckon call .

#5 the one who expects a no before they've even tried .

Its not just the stuff that they are doing or the overall negative mindset , ppl like this are affected by something spiritual that surrounds them and as I mentioned before can affect you too even if you don't agree with this typse of behavior . Its important to believe that these things are in fact true although invisable to the naked eye because it at least puts you in a position to address it correctly and do something about it . Be sure not to get too close for too long to ppl such as these . The above are just to mention a few but this list

can be much longer . If you need help and advice as you know I am available for a private psychic reading simply call 201-953-0658 or email me

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