Psychic advice on break up devastation

OK , your broke up , its not working and you wish it would have , this is not the first time this has happened . its terrible ! , its very painful and I'm floored . It feels as if I'll never recover although logically I know I will . Whats going on ? I give my all and this is what I get in return ? . Oh God whats wrong ? .

As you've seen in my other post on love and relationships it could be one thing or many things but that's not what this post is going to be about this post is going to be about the pain and suffering we face in break ups and what may be the lesson that needs to be learned . In life the universe is a harsh teacher thats very persistant in molding us , shaping us and every now and then slapping us around until we get it and become enlightend and evolved human beings that are resilient . the universe drags us through the mud until we reach our best selves and continually persistist and believes that we have it in us to be the kinds of people it wants us to become . We may every now and then lose faith in ourselves but the universe is very stubborn in believing in our potential . Its as is its saying to us you have no will of your own accept the fact that you are the passenger and I'm the driver until you have proven that you are capable of taking the wheel . feels like we're being man handled right ? lol . oh well not a whole lot we can do other than recieve the lesson and try our very best to get it . So whats the message ? . Do keep in mind friends and followers that my blog posts and books are for the general public some may or may not apply to your specific situations this is why it is always best to have a psychic reading done that is based on you and your situation alone . Now lets get back to what the universe is trying to teach us when we go through hell in our break ups . When we're in love some of us give it all and when I say all I mean all every ounce of yourself thinking and believing that this is as it should be being like this and doing that is what it means to be in love and you've as a result left nothing for yourself , you've left yourself completely and utterly at the mercy of another person and whatever they decide to do with the power that you've given another over you . Now let me ask you a question . Do you think that this is what the universe wants you to do ? or do you think the universe wants you to be emotionally independent and to know that you can love and allow yourself to be vulnerable in a healthier way and to know that you can love without having to prove yourself , that you are lovable just being your true self with someone that you love . Keeping it real is important , loving yourself the way you love others is very important too" . Why put yourself out on a limb when this is not whats being asked of you ? and anyone that truly loves you back would never want you to have to jump hoops or prove your love . When we go to the edges of the earth to show love for another not only are we creating an off balanced scenario but we are kinda sorta putting the other person on the spot as well . This is starting to look more like a competition than a relationship .The lesson from the universe is this . I made you whole a partner compliments you it is not you . Do not lose your own identity to another thats not why I gave you one of your own to have for yourself not only to benefit others but for you to love , appreciate and for it to serve you as well . I hope you enjoy todays post . For a private reading feel free to call and make an appointment 201-953-0658

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