Psychic relationship advice . Can we reunite or is it really over ?

Well this is a loaded question for most but not for me because this is why a lot of ppl come to see me and depending on the each situation I guess this answer can be yes , no or maybe and since I don't know some of your situations specifically and have not done a reading for some here that follow my blog I'll try to do my best but for those of you that do come or call to have a reading I'm usually able to give a clear answer nine out of ten times it would be highly unusual if I couldn't .

#1 In most cases if theres a pattern of breaking up and getting back together that signifies that both are willing to make adjustments and modifications needed because the feelings for one another are strong so the likelihood of this working out is pretty good if all can be solved withing about three years . Some in this kind of situation will go as far as seeing other people and as bad as that may sound its probibly one of the best things that could happen within that time frame because in most cases the sadness of being with someone that you don't really want to be with makes them open up their eyes and appreciate what they've got and can feel that maybe they took a good a thing for granted . This has a good chance

#2 If its really hot in the begining this is not really a good sign , you may feel the love at first site thing and you may wonder if I believe in love at first site ? well yes I do in some cases but not all . Just as it was so great so quickly it can get cold as ice just as fast this happens a lot when one gets swept off their feet in the first week of dating . So why does this happen miss psychic Christine ? there are a number of reasons but I cannot cover all the basis in this blog there are just too many but one reason is the good state of mind you were both in at the time the simple need of having a nice time with someone new and enjoying a time together and once reality sets in and life happens you start to realize ok this is not what I was hoping for or this is not who I assumed this person was and so on . This is over !

#3 Duty and obligation relationships are the most unhappy relationships I've ever seen The marriages that stick together because of the children , money or the day it becomes easier to stay then it would be to get up and go . The two strangers under one roof issue is awful . Now both people might not be dragging their feet in a relationship like this sometimes one can want it ,the other one does not and both are past the point of arguing about it . This are the ones that infidelity is very likely and a dark cloud seems to hover the whole house and all the people in it . Their are a number of spiritual and logical explainations for this type scenario and it should be addressed right away . No ones going anwhere but its a living hell .

Thank you all so much for reading my post, above are just a few yes ,no or maybe so scenarios . My blog post , Wednsday night Q&A nights at 9pm est on instagram @psychicreadingexpert could not make up for having a one on one personal private psychic reading . These are just some scenarios and of course the list can go on and on so if you feel you are going though a difficult time and need answers ,advice and predictions of course you can call 201-953-0658 to set an appointment for a psychic reading . Be sure to look over my website for pricing and services and I do look forward to serving you . Look frequently at the what new portion of my site to find out about updates .


your psychic Christine.

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