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I had been fortunate in growing up in an envirement that having the ability to see into the future was common place in my home and not until I had reached my late teens did I begin to understand that this ability was not so common for everyone and that it was considered a gift that only a select few shared . As a child my ablity had become most apparent in my dreams ,this was not something that had happened every night of course but theres a level of sleep which is called a psychic sleep somewhere between being awake and actually sleeping, during these times a number of things can happen #1 the spirits of relitives make their presence known to us and sometimes will communicate a warning or a message of what is to come and how to avoid it or in some cases warn us to prepare ourselve for the inevitable outcomes of either ourselves or our loved ones . In most cases this would happen at random (meaning) I would not be particularly thinking of something or someone but nonetheless it would pop uo into my dreams or better known as a psychic sleep .#2 most people that have psychic powers are empaths as well this is not always the case but mostly it is . Being a psychic empath I had also thought was quite normal until it was pointed out to me that I was way to sensitive compared to pretty much most people that I had met . So many people were suprised when I could blurt out exactly what someone was going through and how they felt and by doing so I could easily let someone know where their lives were headed and to top even that one off be able to inform others how people were perceiving them , because of the empath part of my gift I could muster up compassion for the ones who seemed so mean and difficult to most because I could really feel them and understand their lives and how they had become who they are . I believe that all of us have a degree of at least some psychic power , some are just more psychic than others the difference from one psychic to the next is this ,there are some that use their ability all the time like myself ,and than there are some that alomost never do so the gift is not being used or practiced and just like a muscle that is not excersized it becomes weak .There are some of us as psychics that cannot tune in to the trivial things in life like ,changes in a job, travel and what not but can only pick up on major events sometimes possitives only , negetives only or both .

#3 Are you psychic too ?

well yes ,probibly if you see things in dreams that happen ,feel a presence coming or going or even see dreams of other centuries than the answer if yes . Many who have these kinds of abilitys that are a bit more connected to the spiritual realm than most are on some level healers as well and nurure the souls of others but rarely are able to help themselves in the same way ,not because they don't want to but simpy cannot . If you've ever asked a psychic if they do their own readings the answer is more times than not no ,but none of us really know why it may very well be that those of us who have these powers have a journey and by using this ability on ourselves may interupt it somehow .

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