Psychic Philadelphia when to seek spiritual help

Throughout history it was not only completely accepted but highly encouraged to seek out spiritual help , as we've read in some bible scriptures ,ancient Egypt and royal families from countries all over the world it was not uncommon for those in need to summon sourcerers and sooth sayers for guidance in matters of the heart and political or world affairs .

over time we've come to know that there are many logical explinations for human suffering but as with many things such as old home remedies and what not many are coming again to see that there are situations that arise in life that simply cannot be reasoned away .

So many of us these days have come to a place enlightenment and have no choice but to accept that theres more here going on than what meets the eye .

#1 Some of us have learned to understand that bad energies are very contagious and simply staying optimistic about life although helpful in ways nonetheless is not the cure .If you are with someone that has some bad energy or bad spirit for whatever reason ,yes it can bounce around to somone close to them

#2 some of us now from various resourses have found that yes there are people out there who take out the time to place curses on others and if they don't do it themselves they actually go out and search for someone to do it for them . Maybe some of you reading this post watch the Destination America channel and have learned more about these kinds of things that still go on in modern times .

I personally have helped many undo these sorts of probems but I am the one some go to to remove it if I find that this is whats happened .

#3 Generational Cureses can also be an issue but isn't very common to most of the others I will be mentiong in this post , in order for this sort of thing to go from one generation to the next it would need to have a very dramatic origin. Some have believed that entire families are affected such as the Kennedy's .

#4 Cursed objects are very common , I'm sure many of you have heard the curse of the hope diamond and whoever has had it in their possesion some tragedy would strike . Well there are many objects that bad spirits and curses can possess especially stones,metals ,china and porcelain to name a few .

#5 Bad Karma and unexplainable deja vu . When I work and meditate for my clients and I look into their past lives and explain the past life and how its affected them in the present I am not suprised to see a sigh of relief in the faces and voices of those I serve and assist with this kind of trouble . In most cases something pretty dramatic has happened in order for one to carry something like this to their present .

The above possiblitys are just to name a few but theres so much more to tell . I myself who thought that I had reached a level in my work believed that I could no longer be suprised , on that I was wrong . I decided long ago that yes anything and everything truly is possible , but do keep this in mind that yes there are many portals for darkness to enter our lives but just as many as there are for the bad theres just as much if not more for the good .

I'd love to see your comments on this post and some of your spiritual encouters as well. I wonder how many of you are suprised by some of the what I written here or am I comfirming a lot that you already knew ?

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