Psychic on taking responsibility for your situation

Yes it's very true that ppl can rain on our parade , set us up for failure either knowingly or unknowingly and we start to fall into a pattern of blaming others for our situations but to me self examination is a very big deal we need to sit and think of what role we play in out troubles and in some cases our own demise either by things we did or by things we've allowed ppl to do to us this leads to the serious question why ? why do we do what we do or allow ppl to do what they do to us when it isn't good for us , do we have a fear of responsibilty so much so that we place our lives ,our God given gift in the hands of another person . Theres a quote that I run into every now and then that says "our happiness is our own responsibility " sometimes we blame others, sometimes others blame us and sometimes theres truth in it but when we place the responsibility of our happiness and overall well being in another persons court we give up control and we are the puppets and they hold the strings . When we decide to take responsiblity for our lives both the good and the bad we place ourselves in the drivers seat and from then on our lives seem more like a canvas and we are the artist ,we can put in or remove whatever doesn't belong there . Your reasoning can vary as to why you do or don't do one example is fear another can be your unaware that your doing this and the list can go on but sharing and taking responsibility can feel more like a relief than a burden once you self examine and if an apology is in order don't be afraid to give one it goes a long way you'll be suprised how ppl we positivley respond to an apology . I hope this has helped a bit in our journey .

Sincerely your psychic ,

Christine .

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