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September 18 to September 19, 2021


A Variety Of Psychics And Mediums To Choose From Offering Different Products And Services Such As Palm, Tarot, Reiki Healing, Psychic Readings, Psychic Mediums, Tea Leaf Readings And Pendulum Readings And More.


Intention Candles, Aroma Therapy Candles,Charms, Protection Mist,Oils And Soaps. Herbs, House Blessing Kits,Bath Salts And More.

Candle Light Guided Meditation Class begins 7-8pm Saturday Only!


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Looking to shop?

Crystals, candles and oils, some books and tarot cards are available to purchase.


Herbal teas, and dried herbs for wellness. 


Just when you thought it was over, don't leave just yet! 


Meditation class begins at 7 pm ends 8 pm. (goes on every saturday) When you see the lights going down and the candles being lit this is signaling we are about to begin the meditation class sit on a chair, couch or floor pillow just relax and start to breath while our instructor begins to guide you. Don't be suprised if you feel someone putting a bit of lavender oil on your 3rd eye chakra, spraying you with aroma therapy mist or blessing you with the healing waters of the grotto from lourdes france where mother Mary appeared to heal all those in need.

To be a part of this class please make your offering in the donation bowl . Karma is a boomerang.


On Sunday expect the same only the class is different. On this day you'll be learning about the stories of Hinduism it's philosophy and how ancient wisdom still applies to modern life.