Psychic Podcast , now you can listen

I am so excited about my new podcast and soon it will be available on itunes Yay ! , I've also gotten the Japanese portion of my site up and running and we are ready to take new orders ,also the blog portion of this site will be translated into Japanese as well. Currently I am working on a past life seminar with sacred rose herbs and roots a wonderful lady Maria that sell such great products and does readings as well . be sure to subscibe to my newsletter for updates on when this event will be taking place by texting psychic10 to 22828 and follow the prompts . Always something new going on at #isitreallyover #reunitetheseperated #isitover #relationshipadvice #books

psychic philadelphia happy hour menu !

Everyday from 4pm to 6pm . Service menu 1. two questions of you choice , the more specific the question the more specific the answer . This service is availabe via phone or in person .$10 2. Aligne your chakras under a quartz crystal healing bed with a guided meditation . $50 I look forward to serving you during happy hour . Tell your friends ! #isitreallyover #reunitetheseperated #isitover #relationshipadvice #books #relationshiphelp #lifeadvice #help #psychicreader #freepsychicreading #breakups #loveadvisor #badkarma #badluck #onedozenroses #howtomakeitworkbyChristinewallaceonamazon #crystalhealing #psychicreading #psychicfair #goodbooks #relationshipproblems #reunitethesepertated #freegif

Psychic relationship advice . Can we reunite or is it really over ?

Well this is a loaded question for most but not for me because this is why a lot of ppl come to see me and depending on the each situation I guess this answer can be yes , no or maybe and since I don't know some of your situations specifically and have not done a reading for some here that follow my blog I'll try to do my best but for those of you that do come or call to have a reading I'm usually able to give a clear answer nine out of ten times it would be highly unusual if I couldn't . #1 In most cases if theres a pattern of breaking up and getting back together that signifies that both are willing to make adjustments and modifications needed because the feelings for one another are s

Psychic Q&A Livestream Wednsdays

On instagram @psychicreadingexpert every Wednsday night 9pm EST I go livestream . These are nights I've made available to those of you who are looking for a little free sample of what its like to have a reading done . You'll have the oppertunity to have one question answered and get a bit of advice on your most pressing questions . Join in by either posting your question through livestream or by calling in to number 267-639-3659 . You dont need to have a question to join in you can just observe until you feel comfortable . This is a really good option for those of you who have never had a psychic reading done before or just testing the waters making sure you feel comfortable with me to have

Psychic advice on break up devastation

OK , your broke up , its not working and you wish it would have , this is not the first time this has happened . its terrible ! , its very painful and I'm floored . It feels as if I'll never recover although logically I know I will . Whats going on ? I give my all and this is what I get in return ? . Oh God whats wrong ? . As you've seen in my other post on love and relationships it could be one thing or many things but that's not what this post is going to be about this post is going to be about the pain and suffering we face in break ups and what may be the lesson that needs to be learned . In life the universe is a harsh teacher thats very persistant in molding us , shaping us and every n

Psychic recommendations a bit of help for the journey

These are some good reads and products I highly recomend to you on your journey . Enjoy ! and most important lets get better together . #goodbooks #selfhelp #books #lifeadvice #help #psychicreader #freepsychicreading #breakups #badkarma #badluck #onedozenroses #howtomakeitworkbyChristinewallaceonamazon #crystalhealing #psychicreading #psychicfair #relationshipproblems #reunitethesepertated #freegiftsvalentinesday #psychicadvice #bathsalts #psychic #palmreading #loveadvice #Cursed #meditation #onefreequestion #lovespells #curseremovel #superstion #psychicphiladelphia #howtoloveyourself #candles #tarotcardreading #aromatherapy #psychicPhiladelphia #soulmatereading #selfhelpbook #psychicreadin

Psychic service behind the scenes

Phew ! I have been busy busy with lots going on but I thank God I have a really good support team that help me with technical support in tweaking my website and adding all the features I need so I can offer all of you the very best service Alexis is awsome ! with this (HD Media Masters @thealexisparris she is currently working on putting my podcast together that should be going live this week ! its going to be a great experience for me ,many have told me that I have a good radio type voice so lets put that to the test lol . I hope that all of you enjoy it as much as I will doing it . I have big plans ! Also I have the Japanese portion of my site coming up soon as well A company called Ma

Psychic advice on feelings and facts

the ones that you or the voices of past experiences and others have not put into your head and have caused you to put your own spin on situations , this is when the universe is connecting and communicating with us our soul becomes one with the universe and for that moment we are clear and in that moment we are being directed from a place that is genuine ,loving and on our side . Another important part of seperating feelings from facts is the ability to decipher feelings from facts ,this is an artistry one can master by simply observing your own thoughts and feelings and asking yourself where all this noise derives from and as a result what seemed so big and dreadful suddenly starts to look s

How a psychic can help you in a relationships ?

People who frequently consult with psychics for guidance and advice know the answer to the above question and some fall upon really good psychics that fit exactly what your looking for and than their are many who just get a general type reading . A psychic is supposed to be able to provide the who , what ,when where and why for you in whatever the subject matter but their are some psychics like myself that deal with every front of life but specialize in one specific area like love , marriage , broken relationships and the big question of is it over ? , can we reunite ? and every other question we can manifest in times of hurt and dissapointment in a serious relationship . In this blog I writ

Psychic talk . Are bad vibes contagious ?

Absolutly ! , bad energy travels faster than the flu . Lots of us are not superstious or maybe just a little bit , and some of us feel that we are filled with such good spirit that nothing and no one can affect you , this kind of thinking yes will protect you but only up to a point , another persons bad energy can bit by bit weigh you down slowly and before you even realize it you've got yourself in a whirlwind of dark energy . Now you may at this point be thinking of a person or two who might be having this affect on you but aren't clear on how to know if this person falls into the category of someone who actually has bad energy so I have a list here for you that if this resignates than thi

Psychic services . Whats new !

but I'm no where near done in providing my clients with plenty of Avenues to get your services so next week I'm starting a new podcast and you'll be able to listen and get your guidence and advice on the go . I will update you as soon as it lauches . #freepsychicreading #breakups #badkarma #badluck #onedozenroses #howtomakeitworkbyChristinewallaceonamazon #crystalhealing #psychicreading #psychicfair #relationshipproblems #reunitethesepertated #freegiftsvalentinesday #psychicadvice #bathsalts #psychic #palmreading #loveadvice #Cursed #meditation #onefreequestion #lovespells #selfhelp #curseremovel #superstion #psychicphiladelphia #howtoloveyourself #candles #tarotcardreading #aromatherapy #ps

Psychic love advice lets think about pressure !

And the heat is on ! Lots of us have a hard time dealing with pressure and of course there are lots of us who do to past dissapointments that have givin us a bit or a lot of low self esteem , now for most of us when we're in love we have a tendancy of thinking the world of our significant other and putting them up on a pedastal in our minds and showing that we feel this way in our action and speech . Now there are a number of us who think that our showing the one we love that their the greatest person that ever lived lol should appeciate that we feel and act the way that we do and yes some may in fact appreciate that but then there are quite a few who start to feel an incredible amount of st

psychic love advice

One important thing to remember in a relationship is not to expect you partner to be your everything . Lots of ppl have an expectation that the perfect person and or soulmate fills your needs on every level no one can be anyones everything . You have to break your needs into different sections (example) your lover or spouse might not be the one that you talk about certain past experiences with because that part belongs to your best friend , you may sometimes need a parental type of love and your significant other does n't know how to fufill that and the list goes on so having a clear understanding of what your expectations are in a relationship and maybe even writing it down to help you und

Psychic Fair Today's the last day Feb,12.

Wow ! , Sundays event was very busy I'd like to thank everyone who joined the event including my vendors . Today is the last day and we are getting a nice flow , everyone got lovely gifts and had a good expierence here how nice . Soon I will get back to regular postings on the advice portion of my blog sorry for the inconvience but when events are going on this does change my schedual a bit especially with the clients that I work for on a regular basis . So things back to normal starting tomorrow ! . BTW I'd like to thank everyone for all the wondergul reviews on google I greatly appreciate that . #freepsychicreading #breakups #badkarma #badluck #onedozenroses #howtomakeitworkbyChristinewal

Psychic advice in love

You may wonder how can I help you in a relationship , well this is actually my specialty . Some may think that the only reason to see a psychic about this topic is to tell someone if this is going to work out or not , is this my soulmate or not , well this is true but there is more than one truth when it comes to psychic help . Many of us face challenges in relationships and sometimes may think or feel that it is over when in fact it might not be , in some cases adjustments can be made to help the situation along and it is possible that it can be restored or reunited depending on the situation . If you have been going through a bad time over a long period of time seeing a psychic can definit

Psychic Fair Feb/11/12

Work , work , work ! Well ,things are coming together it takes a lot to organize these events ,but the tables and chairs are in I'm adding finger sandwiches to the buffet so if you come in on your lunch break I guess lunch is on me lol . I'm getting lots of calls asking from what time to what time I suppose I had forgotten to mention that important part its from noon to 9pm on both days . I'm hoping we get get lots and lots of money to donate to Chop /Childrens hospital of Philadelphia #freepsychicreading #breakups #badkarma #badluck #onedozenroses #howtomakeitworkbyChristinewallaceonamazon #crystalhealing #psychicreading #psychicfair #relationshipproblems #reunitethesepertated #freegiftsval

Psychic fair coming soon ! Feb 11/12

Currantly its 3am and I am still up and working bagging free gifts for the event , creating bath salts, goats milk soaps and crystal candles for all my guest a bit stressed over the rain forcast but I hearing it ends mid afternoon . Bottles of wines need to be purchased , food platters and a few more do dads but the cheese is here from wisconsin and its sooo good we've got port wine cheese, horsradish , and garlic . I'm going to serve red and white wine as well . The reiki healer will be here Sunday by 2pm and the mediums here for both days . On the 9th I'll be checking in to see who's tagged there friends and followers to choose one follower to send out a dozen roses to they're special Vale

How to know when it's really over

#1 Arguing . Relationships end for a number of reasons and to a lot of ppl arguing is a bad sign , well that depends on the type of arguments this is why it's always a good idea to have a reading done because you can get rid of the guess work . in many cases arguing is a good sign in my opinion because it means we're fighting for something we're making attempts to get things right , get the other person to see things from our point of view in an attempt to correct what we don't like about how to relationship is going , to me no arguing at all is a bad sign because your just going with the flow and waiting for the right moment to end things , it signifies you or your significant other is in t

He/she loves me he/she loves me not

I wrote on the topic in my book How to make is work by me Christine Wallace available on amazon but there are so many facets to what it means to have good communications and I try my best to cover as much as I can . Sometimes we need to think before we talk and try to be as articulate as possible in our communications with our significant other for fear of being missunderstood (example ) When your saying you need reasurance that this relationship is going somewhere ,this could easily be missunderstood for (you need to prove to me often that that you love me and you have a job and a duty to make sure you do all the things that I believe are symbolic to what it means to love me .) Now you may

Bad Energy . Did I do this ?

There are many ways a person can create their own bad energy and one great way to understand what your doing to yourself is by stepping outside of yourself and try to see yourself from a birds eye view . Self examination is always a good thing . Now there are many superstitions that make no sence at all but then there are many that have a logical root as for me I believe in most of them whether they make sense or not . #1 a disorganized home or office is a disorganized mind , life and spirit . Cleanliness is Godliness . Have a clean and organized home brings bright energy and puts you in a better spiritual state especially if it smells nice with aroma therapy candles or whatever you like ,if


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